Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Bring the Best


Is a new vehicle outside of your budget, but you want more peace of mind than a used vehicle can offer? This is a tough position to be in but the solution is easy! Check out our inventory of Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles in the Fontana area for an option that is just right!


A Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is one that has been used but has also been certified by the dealership to be of the utmost quality. Our dealership in the Moreno Valley area conducts a 172 point inspection of every certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. We also offer a competitive Comprehensive Limited Warranty for 12 months/12,000 miles, and a seven year/100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty on each vehicle for added security. A warranty grants drivers the freedom to not worry if their vehicle runs into trouble.


Another advantage to choosing a CPO vehicle is that they are only lightly used. They tend to have low mileage and come from a recent model year. These CPO vehicles also have never been in a significant accident. Having to do major body and framework excludes a vehicle from qualifying as a CPO because it risks the quality and reliability reputation that CPO vehicles have.


While used vehicles are cheaper than CPO vehicles, drivers from Riverside to Corona, CA understand that they don't come with the same amount of certainty of quality as a CPO. CPO vehicles are a secure bang for your buck because the vehicle has already taken the large first-year depreciation hit, so they are still less expensive than siding with a new model.


Are you ready to save on a quality vehicle with extra security? Browse our Ford Certified Pre-Owned selection, and visit us today for a test drive!