Luxury Comfort in the Ford Flex

For some drivers, comfort comes in the form of added luxury. The brand-new Ford Flex understands how that works for many drivers, and the designers went out of their way to provide both.

From leather seats to heated and cooled front seats to a three-panel vista sunroof with views for every row, there is little Ford didn’t include in this ride for maximum comfort. The third row folds down into numerous positions with the touch of a button, and each of the sunroof options provides natural light and maximum views in every row.


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Ford Escape Interior Features

Sport utility vehicles make many wild sales claims, especially compact ones, but the difference between the Ford Escape and all the others is that actually lives up to them. One of the reasons it is so popular is because of what's on the inside.

For one thing, the Ford Escort offers an ergonomic steering wheel. 

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Good Things Come in Small Packages

With a Ford vehicle, you know that you can always depend on its dependable performance. But, when the performance goes beyond expectations, it's an exciting discovery! The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST has become a popular performance hatchback and for a pretty good reason.

They say good things come in small packages and the performance hatchback proves it. 

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Drive the New Ford Focus RS at Fritts Ford

The Ford Focus is the FMC's (Ford Motor Company) number one selling small vehicle. While the Focus does not have the same following as other classic Ford trucks and vehicles, it is very popular in certain markets. Ford uses the Focus line as a way to introduce new and unique vehicle options in different markets. Europe is a major area for sales growth when it comes to the focus.

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Check Out the New Ford F-150 Raptor at Fritts Ford

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the result of many years of collaboration, development, and technological advances made at the Ford Motor Company. While the Ford F-150 is the bestselling vehicle in the United States it did not have a true flagship model until the release of the Ford F-150 Raptor. The design, economy, and power of the Ford F-150 Raptor truly allow this vehicle to stand in a class of its own.

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The Ford Super Duty Performs Perfectly

If you are in the market for the ultimate super duty pickup truck, then look no further than the Ford Super Duty. Power, performance, productivity, and purpose all describe the top-rated Ford Super Duty in terms of everything this workhorse of a truck can undertake.

Driving the Ford Super Duty is made much easier with driver assists such as optional cameras that can help you see everything around the truck. You can choose a tailgate camera, 180/360 degree high-definition cameras, Trailer reverse Guidance cameras, a rear trailer camera, and a center stop lamp high-mount camera.

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What kind of outside mirrors are on the Ford Flex?

One of the safety aspects required by all states is an adequate and reliable rear-view mirror system. The rear-view mirror system is made up of a mirror inside the cab and a mirror on the outside of each side of the vehicle. These mirrors serve as a warning device where the driver can see what is approaching from behind. In a large vehicle like the Ford Flex SEV, that information is more important than ever.

In cold-weather areas, the outside mirrors of the rear-view mirror system often freeze or fog, making them completely ineffective. All trims of the Ford Flex…

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